Cikarang, Indonesia

The journey of Kimia Farma Sungwun Pharmacopia

We firmly believe that every company journey will get better.

PT Kimia Farma Sungwun Pharmacopia, or hereinafter abbreviated as KFSP is a subsidiary of PT Kimia Farma Tbk., which was established on January 22, 2016, in order to support the independence of pharmaceutical raw materials. KFSP is a Joint Venture (JV) between PT Kimia Farma Tbk. with Sungwun Pharmacopia Co Ltd. with the composition of shareholders of PT Kimia Farma Tbk. by 80.67% and Sungwun Pharmacopia Co Ltd. by 19.33%. KFSP is engaged in manufacturing raw materials, both active pharmaceutical raw materials and other chemical raw materials.

JV Signing

January 22, 2016

Ground Breaking

October 10, 2016

Industrial Permit

May 31, 2018

Cut off Project

June 30, 2018

First Export to Korea

January 29, 2020